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We are Apotheus. We are from Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.

We play Melodic Metal.

We are: Tiago Santos (Lead Guitar), Miguel Andrade (Vocals/Rythm Guitar),

Albano von Hammer (Drums) and Celso Andrade (Bass).


When Hope And Despair Collide

Jewel case 9-tracked album

1. Through Wandering Winds

2. Forgotten Truth

3. Omen of Fate

4. Frozen Night

5. Revival

6. Disease

7. Road to Oblivion

8. When Hope and Despair Collide

9. Time to Leave

2013 © Raising Legends / Raging Planet


Double-sided 7'' vinyl single

1. Revival

2. Greensleeves

2012 © Raising Legends / Raging Planet

A Quest to Remain

Jewel case 5-tracked EP

1. Ascend

2. Obsidian Memories

3. Untrusted

4. Pride, Honor, Blood

5. One Last Thought

2010 © Raising Legends

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